Hi, I am Kim Schiller

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I am a software developer.

Back in the early dot-com days, the web was dominated by websites with scrolling marquees and animated "under construction"-gifs. That was when, along side my day job, I got into web development. Like most others at the time I was just hacking away creating websites with table-based layouts, spacer-gifs, and Microsoft Frontpage. Those where indeed the days. It was a great time to learn, on your own, the ins and outs of the web.

These experiences make me really appreciate the evolution in web development.

Since then I have worked with many technologies and built websites using classic ASP, ASP.NET, Java, php and MySQL, built a custom webshop in JavaScript and AccessDB and of course plain old static HTML. Recently, I have worked with multilingual websites in Drupal, and that is just a pleasantly powerful CMS, that really makes you rethink building everything from scratch.

Wanting to do better and create more intelligent solutions for using the web for real applications, was my main motivation for getting into software development. Also it tickled my creative bone.

I do...

I am a software developer specialising in Java EE development. For more than 10 years I have been creating applications for financial institutions, primarily for online banking. Lately I have been involved in developing high performance websites and applying sound software development techniques in the frontend.

I teach and practice craftsmanship in software development. I take pride in delivering quality products and yes, learning to make compromises along the way. After all, the product is worthless unless it's in the hands of your customers.

One of the areas that I am really excited about is Continuous Delivery. And from the bottom up, I love doing test automation, setting up Continuous Integration with Jenkins, implementing Test Driven Development, automating functional tests with Selenium. All to enable a short release cycle.

Right now...

Currently I am building responsive websites on a Portal Server using the IBM Websphere Content Manager system. This means, that I work extensively with theming and structuring web content and creating internal standards for using web technologies such as serving responsive images and testing responsive websites. I am also a solution architect and do enjoy designing the right solutions to meet the business goals.

Get in touch...

So if you want to talk about enterprise web development, continuous integration, responsive web design or perhaps any lighter topics, feel free to contact me.